Saturday 8 June 2013

Your Chance to Find out the Truth About CCPIA

Time and time again on this blog I have been pointing out that various US interest groups, chiefly those connected with the international trade in dugup antiquities, have been trying to pull the wool over their readers' eyes with sly misrepresentations of what the cultural heritage conventions and legislation actually say. The charlatans responsible for such impositions are safe in the knowledge that most of their readers don't know any better and are so low-brow that they are not going to check for themselves. Now there is a chance for anyone involved or interested in discussions on the topic to find out exactly what the conventions and laws say and mean at an intensive course July 15-20th at Plymouth State University ('Want to Learn More About Cultural Property Law?' 7/613).
Topics for discussion include the 1954 Hague Convention, the 1970 UNESCO Convention, the ICOM Code of Ethics, the National Stolen Property Act, and the Cultural Property Implementation Act. The course also introduces students to important national heritage laws such as the Archaeological Resources Protection Act. Register by visiting:  summer courses 2013 and clicking "Apply Online."  You can find more details about the course by clicking the preceding link and then clicking "Heritage Studies."
It is being taught by Rick St Hilaire.

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