Thursday 6 June 2013

Looting of a cemetery at Fortaleza de Colli, Peru

Donna Yates draws attention to a sickening video showing the looting of a cemetery at Fortaleza de Colli

Huaqueros saquean Fortaleza Colli 
(vídeo en español posted on You Tube by WillaxTV) 
she provides a link to a Peruvian website site Salvemos las Huacas with more information here Fortaleza de Collique. Tragic.

Watch the video and then click to the Hollywood collections sale website and ask yourself, why Bob Dodge does not say exactly where all those objects were dug up and how they entered the market before they got into those "New York/ Arizona/ Californian collections". One very well might wonder how many of them came from exactly that sort of burrowed holes with broken human bones scattered to the winds around them? 

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