Saturday, 5 December 2015

BBC comedy ends in tragedy

The Heritage Journal "BBC comedy ends in tragedy".

What is typical is brought out by this fatuous tweet from the Portable Antiquities Scheme (@findsorguk 20.11)
Good to hear Andy on @Detectorists talk passionately about the contribution of responsible metal-detecting.
As the PAS very well knows in reality, they all "talk" about it when we can "hear", but then that is as far as it goes, empty, uncomprehending "talk". Andy just a few days later stood by and watched watched on as his mate dug a hole right next to a standing stone site. This is the one that has done "an archaeology course" as a result of "getting' passnitly intresid in th' 'istry" through artefact hunting. Too bad he's not "intrestid enuf' to step in and stop his thick M8 trashing it.

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