Wednesday, 23 December 2015

Loopy Bonkers Treasure Boogaloo

 Julie quotes Dot who quotes Ian:
podał/a dalej
Dot Boughton podał/a dalej Treasure Registrar
Love this! What a fabulous find and donation- how generous!!
Dot Boughton dodał/a,
Early Xmas gift for ; finder & landowner donate BA gold basket ornaments
What's with the "how generous"? The Heritage BELONGS to All, even in England. What these people are saying is that in Bonkers Britain this is the exception and not the rule. Mr Richardson, please show I am wrong and publish the real breakdown of the spun figures. Why do we get this obfuscatory wool-over-the-eyes crap from a public body?

New Year's resolution proposal for the entire PAS: tell it like it is in 2016. Scared?


Anonymous said...

Oh that's just unacceptable. More than 90% demand the money but PAS highlight the less than 10% who don't. Who told them to do that?

Anonymous said...

I'd like to clarify my comment, as best I can. "More than 90% demand the money" refers to detectorists AND landowners (and includes Treasure rewards comprising footling amounts).

PAS steadfastly refuses to say which group refuses which amount. They have the information so could do so and I'm prepared to bet that's because detectorists show up far worse than landowners and yet again are being "protected" by PAS.

Freedom of Information request anyone?

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