Wednesday, 23 December 2015

"Detectorists" Christmas Special

"Detectorists" Christmas Special Wednesday 23rd Dec BBC4, 10pm UK time.

UPDATE 23rd Dec 2015
We learnt that the filming of part of it had involved Treasure Unit staff and I speculated that they'd been refused a Treasure award because they'd hoiked from a known site. Obviously I was expecting too much there.... In the plot the finder is not finding anything, thinks there is a curse and tries to deal with it. He first thinks the problem is that "Earth has one less secret" and thinks of taking the jewel back, but meets a seriously nerdy BM Treasure registrar who informs him he can always "donate" the object, but Lance takes the Treasure ransom money and goes to a well-known London coin store, buys a bag full of sovereign coins and buries them in the field which apparently lifts the curse. He can find "hammies" again. Phew.

Despite what the real Treasure Registrar is attempting to suggest (for reasons best known to himself), most detectorists take the money. How many then squander it like Lance is beyond our knowledge.

The scene with the local newspaper journalist is a classic, and sharply illustrates how the media reports which the public read are focussed on particular issues to the detriment of any real information about the issues involved.

Vignette: Christmas elf detecting.

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