Thursday, 3 December 2015

Who Does?

"I ask you, which metal detectorist in the COUNTRY does that?" Not this guy obviously:
Re: SELF RECORDING .... the future? Postby FULLTIMER » Tue Dec 01, 2015 6:55 pm Up till now I have never had a reason to get involved with the PAS due to the fact that I havn't actually found a hoard or treasure items and the fact that both the landowners that let me roam their land won't let me record with the PAS unless I do have to legally at some point, I have found the UKDFD very useful over the years
... and the "difference" from the landowners' point of view is...? Pathetic excuse. If prevented from responsibly reporting finds, the the responsible detectorist would stay off that land. No argument about it. Ask the PAS.

Anyway the numpty in a silly hat has a "little book" where he list his finds "numeretically" for "prosperity". Wow. "I challenge anyone in the UK to say they submit all of there (sic) finds[to the PAS]". Well, let us hear it from the detectorists who are 100% responsible.

PS: "I'd never do anything wrong" say the man in the hat, but look here on his You Tube channel:   The Detectorists Series 2. I am sure he will tell us here too that he has all the relevant permissions. The official BBC DVD is now in the shops.

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