Sunday, 13 December 2015

Tekkie Anti-Conservationism

On a metal detecting forum near you, a thread on 'Countryside Stewardship Schemes'. Pure Dean Crawfordism ('Hypocrisy and twisted Argument in UK metal detecting', PACHI Thursday, 22 October 2015).

So, selfish artefact-pocketing oiks, please explain to the rest of us why we should fork out to landowners sums of money to get them to protect the environmental values of a site or area only to have them agree to let you lot to pilfer the known sites in the protected areas and taking away part of the heritage assets - but only the collectables you selfishly want while the rest ends up in a 'scrap bucket'? Can you explain it in an articulate manner to the EU citizens whose money is being paid into the pool from which English farmers are getting a handout? Can you? Instead of just getting in a huff that the laxity which has lasted for far too long is at last being dealt with. 

The new agri-environment schemes start on the 1st January 2016. There will however be no conflict of the nature discussed in the above thread where sites from which finds have been properly recorded will become off-bounds, because the PAS itself will soon be phased out and restricted to Treasure finds. This means there will no longer be the notion of "responsible detecting", so no need to worry there. You'll all just become "pilferers" and that will be that.  Happy New Year.

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