Sunday, 27 December 2015

Sad News from Texas Tragedy

The photos of the tornado damage to property to the northwest of Dallas are truly shocking. Among the many affected and in our prayers, metal detectorist hate-blogger Dick Stout reports he has lost his home overnight. Heartfelt sympathy for all the victims of this tragedy, whoever they are.
UPDATE 28th Dec 2015
In the cold light of dawn, the extent of the damage becomes more visible, this photo is from Rowlett, where the artefact hunter lives. Obviously (and without downplaying the horrible human tragedy visible here), with reference to the 'Good Home' argument offered by complacent US collectors), any collected antiquities and historical objects in these homes , even in one of the rich states of the USA, could potentially be under as much threat of loss and damage as they were in many a source country:

Damage to residential area at Rowlett, TX
John Winter covers the subject in his post "My Friend Dick Stout" apparently there is a  "Gofundme" page where donations to Mr Stout and his family can be made to help them out before the insurance money comes through. 

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