Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Europe's other Migrant Problem: UK History Snatchers

Oh, I think there are quite a few people Mr Howard who'll be interested in what you plan to do. There are not very many of those frontier shifts in the former "Friedensgrenze" and you'll be easy to spot.

"Mein Fuhrer", looking for Swassstykasssss are you?  What is the matter with you British detectorists that you cannot pass up any opportunity to dig up and pocket NAZI relics (Finding The Swastika In The Berlin Forest: "That is why we come to Germany")? That's what got your "Nazi War" digging pals Kris, Craig, Adrian and Steve into the limelight, now you apparently want to get in on the act.

UPDATE 11th Feb 2016
And there's more, Tom Stewart wants in:

 How many other British archaeologists want to join an artefact hunt?


Brian Curtiss said...

Will Tom make sure the site is properly excavated? Should this be dismissed as an impossibility? What says Tom and what are his credentials?

Paul Barford said...

Well, if it's on the Polish side, to get a permit he'll have to present them - and probably keep the documentation and write his report in Polish.

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