Friday, 26 February 2016

Friday Retrospect: Moral Pygmyism among UK Detectorists

Heritage Action ('Metal detecting for money: Isobel, 7, shames the sham heroes') highlighted artefact hunting moral pigmyism on 5th May 2009. Actually nothing at all has changed since then, zilch, nuffink. That's despite another six expensive years of PAS "outreach" which has basically consisted of misleadingly highlighting the pathetic small percentage of times metal detecting finders have agreed to forgo their Treasure Ransom, or donated rather than sold items to public collections, without doing any proper public informing on the number of times the greedy oiks do not. Whemn are the PAS going to start informing the public about the real effects of current policies on portable antiquities rather than the tendentious hobby-protecting fluff they typically produce? That is just deceiving the public - and using public money to do it. Shame on you.

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