Monday, 29 February 2016

PAS Dumb-Dumb-Dumb-Talk-Down

"to raise awareness among the public of
the educational value of archaeological finds in their context"
And, the context is, it's a leap day (and it's not even a "Finds Friday")...
1 godz.1 godzinę temu 19-20thC 'leap frog' clicker toy for a recorded on
What, actually, is the matter with these people who feel the need to do something like that? "Its a Thursday so here's a Thor Hammer amulet", somehow I cannot imagine even the most puerile and mentally deficient geologist working for a public-funded Scheme who'd be tweeting "It's pancake day here's a stone that looks like a pancake! Yay!" This is just dumbdown narrativisation by people with nothing better to do than act as gatekeepers for other (anonymous) people's finds. Oh and Ms  Oakden, there are people out here who actually had these things in their childhood, you got them with bubble gum. Are you doing archaeology or an "All Our Yesterdays" Byegones show-and-tell? We learn that:
there at least four other examples known that [real PMB] FLOs have had offered for recording but declined since they are not 300 years old.
Yes, but obviously, SW Yorks needed something to bulk out their database quotas and metal detectorist Jack Coulthard (West Riding Metal Detector [sic] Group) apparently a karaoke self-recorder had an overwhelming desire to show he knew what it was.  For goodness' sake.

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