Thursday, 18 February 2016

Red Flag Lack of Commitment to Transparency in Australia Case

Michaela Boland, 'Asian art losses have NGA in turmoil again', The Australian February 19, 2016
The National Gallery of Australia is preparing to remove another seven antiquities worth more than $3 million from its Asian art gallery, the fourth rearrangement of the prestigious first-floor hall that once groaned with an ­Aladdin’s cave of riches from the continent. [...] The NGA’s latest provenance research redacts the identity of some dealers and former owners, in accordance with privacy agreements made at the time of ­purchase
It is revealed that the gallery wasted $21m on dodgy antiquities discovered so far, racked up in just more than a decade.Surely any dealer insisting on a privacy clause in the accession records may fairly be suspected of having something to hide. Why did NGA agree to such a thing?

Vignette: Red flag

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