Monday, 29 February 2016

More Commercial Artefact hunts

Sal (sic) Guttuso and his wife Ashley run History Hunts, "a metal detector tour company for adventurous treasure hunters" (Andy Wright The obsessive treasure hunters who travel the world with metal detectors Atlas Obscura 29 Feb 2016). 
In addition to leading metal detecting tours in near his rural Virginia home, he has taken groups shipwreck detecting in Florida, gold prospecting in Nevada and relic and coin-hunting all over the southern U.S. He also leads international trips to Essex County, England. [...] Some of Guttuso’s “dirt fishers” (as hobbyists are sometimes called) save all year to go on one of his trips to hotspots where metal relics abound.
I guess that means known productive sites. Would Hugh Willmott, Ben Jervis and Lorna Richardson welcome this brand of "responsible artefact hunting"? They are avoiding saying. They are avoiding addressing the issue of what we can consider to be "responsible" use of the archaeological record when collecting it away is concerned. 

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