Wednesday, 8 June 2016

A "Partnership" in action

There are those who claim that now Britain has a PAS, the quantity of illegal metal detecting has suddenly decreased by a mysterious mechanism which certainly, they say, cannot be due to the fact that the last time the UK tried to write a report on it, the research methodology was wonky. There are those of us of course who disagree with both those points. Anyhow those pesky nighthawks have been out again, "that MINORITY which is getting the responsible hobby a bad name". This time they attacked a project of the "partners" of artefact hunting, the archaeologists on a East Hampshire dig led by Chris Healey near Clanfield. But they are not stealing from the archaeologists, artefact hunting is stealing knowledge from all of us. All for a pocket full of bits of old metal, most of which they'll discard anyway.

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