Wednesday, 29 June 2016

"Respectable" Dealers

Dealer Dave has no objections to me calling him a shopkeeper because to consider the label as in any way demeaning would be "effete, antiquated snobbery" which allegedly "means nothing at all in the USA".
Being a well-known dealer in ancient coins with an award-winning website seems to me to be at least as "socially respectable" as being....
...the proprietor of a Manhattan antiquities gallery with charisma and who wears bespoke tailored suits to sell in opulent surroundings, high end objects often with some kind of collecting history attached to them? Does Mr Welsh claims equality with the Aboutaams? "Award winning" or not, there are, it seems, shopkeepers but also suave gallery owners in the same industry.

In fact, there is nothing at all "respectable" or even respect-worthy about dealers in so-called 'minor'  antiquities who rely for their profits on the acquisition, no doubt at some low unit cost, of goods which have no paperwork verifying licit origins (objects with paperwork apparently command higher prices), which are then sold to careless collectors, no questions asked. A respectable dealer will deal only in objects where he or she can demonstrate licit origins. "They can't touch you for it-legitimacy" is no legitimacy at all. So I invite readers to examine Dealer Dave's atavistic "award winning website" to see what they think that award was for if not for the presentation of collecting histories.

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