Monday, 6 June 2016

Freedom of Information Request Tampered with

Sugarbabe helps PAS
This morning I got this from the WhatDoTheyKnow team:

To help us keep the site tidy, someone else has updated the status of the Freedom of Information request Discussion of Portable Antiquities and Treasure Issues that you made to The British Museum, to "successful." If you disagree with their categorisation, please update the status again yourself to what you believe to be more accurate. Follow this link to see the request: -- the WhatDoTheyKnow team 
Interestingly that "helpful someone keeping the website tidy" appears to have been an "Adrianna Moran" who has an additional invitation for readers.
Send me a F#ckFriends request so we can hook up My usename is SugarBabe075 [1]my profile is here CANT WAIT References Visible links 1.
My guess is that this individual is a metal detectorist.

The reason why I did not give a status was that the options available did not cover the situation which the BM created by not fully answering my request.

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