Thursday, 2 June 2016

"Discover Archaeology Android App"

Locating archaeological sites in your area couldn't be easier with the free ARCHI Discover Archaeology Android App. Find a wealth of local heritage beneath your feet, including a description of incredible archaeological and historical sites and amazing treasure findspots listed. Additional information such as maps showing the locations and routes to the sites are available to ARCHI members with an upgrade [...] The App is the only online service available to the public, offering full location and direction details for thousands and thousands and thousands of sites
It is called ARCHI Discover, but in fact this is nothing more or less than a tool to target known sites - very useful for those who want to fill their pockets with that heritage from below ground.But of course it is "nighthawks that get artefact hunting a bad reputation" in the UK, not activities like this.

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Anonymous said...

Meanwhile, from the detecting-problem-denial wing of British archaeology we get this:

If people weren't bloody using it in droves they wouldn't keep on bloody marketing it year after year would they? That's basic bloody economics. As for that pre-supposes there aren't a significant set of detectorists that are pretty thick and need information conveniently spoon fed to them, something else that Mr Connolly would deny no doubt.

I wonder if he'd care to deny nighthawks will use it extensively? Thought not.

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