Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Shopkeeper lies (Antiquity Dealers, eh?)

The Californian coinshop keeper who imagines that entitles him to the label "professional numismatist" like Al Bundy was a professional chiropodist clearly cannot understand plain English (perhaps he needs a teacher). He writes:
Both Tompa and I have previously discussed the "actual text" of this legislation in detail. The detailed openPetition analysis thereof was quite clear in its devastating indictment of the unfairness of this legislation to German collectors and dealers.
The petition was based on a text which was at least two redraftings earlier than the version passed several days ago by the Bundestag. There is no link in either the text of Dealer Dave or that of Bailey and Ehrenberg's  Tompa to the current version they are (allegedly) "discussing". If they are indeed discussing the actual text of the document, then they should cite it to show us that they are not making it up when they and their fellows accuse it of being both "socialist" and "Nazi"' I say they are, let them prove otherwise with reference to specific articles of the current text. Go on then. Unlike Fascist-Communist states in  Myth-Yurope, the Enlightened and United States of America of course grants full ownership rights to everything under the sun,... well, unless its items on their OWN extensive sanctions list of exports which are controlled. So what does this make them, then Dealer Dave? 

Do you understand the term "actual text"? 

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