Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Antiquities and Gun Trafficking in Sicily

 Police seize 600 ancient coins from two men in Gela under investigation for arms trafficking ('Gela, sequestrate oltre 600 monete antiche a negozio ferramenta' Sicilia Journal 29th June 2016). Gela in Sicily is in the news for antiquities trafficking again. Over 600 coins of silver and bronze, presumably dating back to the archaic era, were discovered and seized by the police in Gela, in a hardware store, during an operation to search for weapons and ammunition. The coins, together with jewellery and many other archaeological objects were well preserved in binders and numbered trays, that the owner, a 69-year-old businessman, kept in a well hidden corner of the store. Ancient Greek coins were found during a second search warrant at the home of 58-year old alleged accomplice,. Both suspects were charged with receiving stolen goods. The police suspect that the two suspects are part of an organization of traffickers and tombaroli. Greek coin collectors, have you bought anything that passed through the hands of these men? You really don't know, do you? 


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