Tuesday, 19 July 2016

Basel Ancient Art Fair (BAAF) Closes Shop

After intensive efforts to continue, the organizers of the Basel Ancient Art Fair, to their deepest regret, have decided to discontinue BAAF. For twelve years our fair [...] has drawn many interested collectors, art aficionados and museum curators as attendees.[...]  The disappearance of the Basel Ancient Art Fair from the Swiss art market calendar is, among other things, connected to the changing world of international fairs.  
Sic.These dealers used to attend, but will be going elsewhere now:
Dr. Robert R. Bigler Asian and Egyptian Art Ruschlikon/Zurich Switzerland,
Galerie Jean-David Cahn AG Basel Switzerland,
Donati Arte Classica Lugano Switzerland.
Galerie Rhéa Zurich Switzerland,
Sycomore Ancient Art SA Geneve Switzerland.
Galerie Chenel Paris France,
Galerie Cybèle Paris France,
Roswita Eberwein Antike Kunst Göttingen - Paris Germany - France,
David Ghezelbash Archéologie Paris France,
Galerie Jürgen Haering Freiburg Germany,
Galerie Günter Puhze GmbH Freiburg Germany,
Antiken-Kabinett Assling Germany, 
Ancient Art Amsterdam The Netherlands,
Arteas Ltd London United Kingdom,
Charles Ede Ltd. London United Kingdom,
The Merrin Gallery Inc. New York USA,
 Royal-Athena Galleries New York USA,
 Safani Gallery Inc. New York USA.

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