Saturday, 30 July 2016

Partner Head-Patting Whitewash Questioned

England's tekkie-back-slapping Treasure Registrar continues the British Museum's undermining of the conservation ethos:
Treasure Registrar @TRegistrar 18 godz.
A very small selection of the Treasure finds donated to museums in England in the last two months. Thank you!
The photo shows a pretty pathetic group of scrappy bits and bobs which in the ground, studied in context could well have been useful archaeological evidence (but we will never know because that is now impossible after they were hoiked out of that context). As they are, these bits will just clog up a museum storeroom or showcase.

I think it is up to the treasure Registrar to tell us just what has been achieved here. What do these loose bits tell us about the past which we did not know? Why is their removal from the ground and loss of accompanying contextual information a compensation for all the thousands of finds which are hoiked by their "partners" and do not get reported - like the thousands which appear on eBay weekly.

If they feel free to show "a small selection" how about in the name of informing the p[ublic more clearly about what is going on, listing the lot and saying in which cases who donated what (landowner + finder/just landowner/ just finder) and then comparing that with how many have not been donated?

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