Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Shhh, don't mention the Asian Art

Sales move out of Germany as new Kulturgutschutzgesetz becomes law
Under the new due diligence guidelines, the Kulturgutschutzgesetz demands proof of provenance before ‘cultural goods’ are sold – paperwork that is often not available. Export licences are also required [...] Nagel’s sales of Asian art in Germany (in recent years accounting for two-thirds of income) will now cease and move to Salzburg in Austria. [...] Lempertz in Cologne say they will be moving sales of Asian art [...] to Brussels.
These two auction houses if you google them sell all kinds of stuff - yet it is the Asian art they seem wary of. Interesting. One cannot help but wonder whether there is any connection between this touchiness and the fact that it was in Germany on his way to... well, what exactly?... that a certain US-based Asian art dealer was arrested. Perhaps Asian art is just a touchy subject in Germany.

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