Thursday, 14 July 2016

When is "Citizen Archaeology" archaeology?

Citizen Archaeologist Denny Erikson, a Tottenham plumber, has identified an object in the collections of the British Museum as clear evidence of ancient space travel. "The so-called experts in the Museum will not admit it", he says smugly, "but I think we've heard enough from experts".  This is one of a number of objects in the museum which are evidence of the unwritten cosmic history of the world.

Denny says the images in the top part of the sculpture represents a space ship, which is proven by the fact that it is shown flying next to the moon, so outside its orbit. "In the foreground are two figures obviously wearing some kind of space suits with close-fitting round helmets and there is some kind of breathing apparatus between them" observes Denny. He is scathing of the museum's explanation of the sculpture as some kind of "ritual" scene when it quite clearly shows the parting of two astronauts and the clinching evidence is in the inscription which mentions an "Anunnaki".  Citizen archaeologist Denny disagrees with the museum's scholars about its interpretation. "The evidence is there staring them in the face", laments Denny, who is a keen collector of space memorabilia, "this must refer to Annekin who as we all know was one of the Jedi but as the myths tell us then turned to the dark Side. The sculpture shows the young Annekin".

Hanna Boltox, Head of Ideology, Tourism and Public Outreach  of the British Museum comments, "this is a really exciting development, more and more citizens are just looking at old things and coming up with all sorts of new interpretations untrammelled by stuffy notions of methodology and analysis, and can imagine all sorts of amazing information about the past. This is true citizen archaeology at its very best". Ms Boltox said that the British Museum will be soon redoing some of the downstairs galleries in the spirit of the new citizen interpretation of history.

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