Friday 27 January 2017

Archaeological Halfwits Pretending to be Clever

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Monday 30 January = 368th anniversary of the execution of Charles I. Tweet a royal #coin if you're a #Cavalier, Commonwealth if #Roundhead!
And Cromwell began his conquest of Ireland. As I say, geologists, astrophysicists, cell biologists and organic chemists don't dumbdown like empty headed archaeologists in the UK think they have to do to make their subject 'seem relevant' to a public they obviously see as mainly thickoes who cannot understand history unless the 'experts', acting as self-appointed gatekeepers, show them 'something old'. No wonder the term 'experts' has lost its cachet in the UK. When you see experts doing public outreach with all the subtlety of a thirteen year old boy, I'm not surprised people so easily dismiss them.

While the English mobs were giving vent to their national hatreds, in Spain Diego Velazquez painted the Rokeby Venus.


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