Sunday 29 January 2017

Stolen Twelfth Dynasty Ushabti Surfaces

A Middle Kingdom Egyptian ushabti was handed in at the Egyptian embassy after its owner learnt from the British Museum that it had been stolen from the storage room of a museum in Aswan in 2013. The ancient artifact was reportedly handed over voluntarily after the individual learned that it had been stolen
this 16.5 centimeter tall Ushabti statue, an ancient Egyptian funerary figurine, is carved from wood and gilded in golden inscriptions. It was unearthed by Spanish archaeologists at the Qubbet al-Hawa Necropolis in Aswan, 
A 3,800-year-old funerary statue has been recovered in London after disappearing from an Aswan museum in 2013 Mada Maser Jan 29th 2017.

And now we are waiting for the news that the dealer who sold it to the collector has been arrested for handling stolen artefacts. Will it be a long wait before he's caving in and giving the names of the scoundrel who sold it to him?

Don't hold your breath. 

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