Tuesday 3 January 2017

Army unit digs in to rescue nation’s heritage from metal detectorists

Army takes a stand
Nice to see British "metal detecting" being seen for what it is at last, despite the strident efforts of the PAS to scandalously fluff the issue:
The leader of a new unit of British “monuments men” has hit out at the damage that metal detectorists do to archaeological sites. Lieutenant-Colonel Tim Purbrick said that the scale of destruction at historic sites around the world, including in Britain, was behind the government’s decision to resurrect a military unit to protect historic artefacts. The Cultural Property (Armed Conflicts) Bill passing through parliament will ratify the Hague Convention, enshrining Britain’s obligations in international law to protect cultural property. 
Andrew Ellson, 'Army unit digs in to rescue nation’s heritage from metal detectorists', The Times January 3 2017.


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