Thursday 26 January 2017

DoS Officials Refuse to Work with Someone Like Trump

The State Department's entire senior management, all career officers, have resigned as America enters hysteria-fed meltdown under the narcissistic orange-skinned ranter who many of their countrymen voted in. Going too is Victoria Nuland, caught trying to 'fix' Ukrainian leadership post-Majdan. She should have gone a long while ago.

Anyway, a State Department in flux will no doubt be getting dealers and their slimeball lobby faction all riled up, because it is here that US 'cultural property policy' is formed (they do not have a Ministry of Culture).

Fortunately there are still Americans who object to
what Бульдозер Трамп is doing to the country

UPDATE January 27
The Washington Post is putting a different emphasis on this story, it seems they were fired.

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