Thursday 5 January 2017

Barely Literate 'History Hunter' Hoiks more Collectables from Old Pasture

On a metal detecting forum near you, another one (rickyp123), not only incapable of writing proper English, but also has struggled to read the code for Responsible detecting ('Finds from old permission thought was done' Thu Jan 05, 2017 7:44 pm ) ..., has already emptied one area of the archaeological record into his pockets, but thought he'd have a go at emptying it some more, despite it being under old pasture:

Hi all here are some finds from an old pasture permission which has been done to death over the years I went there for an hour this afternoon never took the dues [he means Deus] on there well only managed to walk 30 yards had so many signal's this is just some of the stuff I dug was just getting to my favourite tree were I normally find coins and the bettery went on my coil first time that has happened so will have another go in morning [...]  should be some more stuff to find here it about 50 acres pasture with some planted wood area which is right on the side of Danbury common will let you no more as it happens thanks very much for taking the time to look GLandHH
That's 'good luck and happy hunting [in Britain's fragile and finite archaeological record, fellow heritage pilferers]'. Now imagine this guy writing a report on his archaeological observations as he removed artefacts from their context. Danbury Common is a SSSI.

So where was the illiterate istry unter hoiking?

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