Tuesday 24 July 2018

Rotary Looting: Rotary Club Organize Metal Detecting Rally 'in Hadrian's Wall Country'.

A Rotary Club think it will attract history-hungry artefact grabbers if they advertise that a commercial rally is to take place 'in Hadrian's Wall Country'. I would have thought that would precisely be the reason that any (truly) responsible detectorist would stay away
Annual Metal Detecting Rally 2018
Metals (sic) Detecting in Hadrian's Wall Country.
Approx 80 acres not previously detected! Little Corby Hall Farm, Little Corby, Warwick Bridge, Nr Carlisle. CA4 8QS. £13 pre-entry by cheque or £15 on the day. Arable land around 80 acres not previously detected. Approx 2.5 miles south of Hadrians Wall. Further details Derek Wallace Metaldetector@live.co.uk
It's not previously detected they say twice, so the archaeological record has so far not been emptied of anything collectable/diagnostic. Mind you, after this rally, another part of Britain's finite and fragile archaeological record will be corrupted and damaged with inadequate records made.

I wonder if the PAS will be contacting them about the idea and informing them that the Code of Practice dissuades artefact hunting on pasture as in the photo.



Unknown said...

This is disgusting. Wasn't there something in the papers just the other day about people stealing things from the Hadrian Wall? Why cant this be stopped?

David Gill said...

But Michael Lewis assures us that metal-detecting only takes place on ploughed fields

Paul Barford said...

Perhaps that applies to what 'finders' are saying about where they find the objects they report, but Michael Lewis is one of those actively playing down the massive number of objects ot being reported to anyone... which of course could have come from anywhere. The public is not getting the whole truth from people like Mike Lewis.

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