Saturday 7 July 2018

Collector's Corner: Two Ancient Clay Pottery Handmade Jugs

Ancient clay pottery Jugs antiques bowls found in a graveyard at North of Africa Seller : requiem2019 (8): Schaerbeek, Belgium
 Two Ancient Clay Pottery Handmade Jugs These two jugs was found by a group of antiquities diggers after their search in an ancient cemetery on the border between the cities of Tunisia and Algeria, and it seems that these two jugs are very old as they may be from the Byzantine period. Note: There is a small crack in one of these jugs and has been tinkered with some gypsum so it looks better. Measurements: Height: 21/18 cm Weight: 457/400 g  [...] we ship the item via tunisia-post to worldwide with a Tracking number. Price: US $369.00 Buy it now,
And if you wanted to know what a Belgian/Tunesian seller thinks you think a North African 'Byzantine' vessel looks like, have a look at the pictures. I'd say caveat emptor - and you'd need paperwork to hold this legally anyway - the seller seems not to offer any.

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