Sunday 1 July 2018

Who are you Calling Ignorant, PAS?

Jobsworth archaeologists refusing
 properly to debate Collection-Driven
Exploitation of the Archaeological Record
Heritage Action ('Treasure without blather' HJ 01/07/2018) mention "Looters with Metal Penis Extensions” (imagine that being said in Britain) and the disgraceful collective effort (via an academic paper) to dismiss Dr Sam Hardy’s damning conclusions about detecting. One of those authors implies that the opponents of the archaeological record being treated as a free-for -all collectable-mine are 'ignorant in these issues'. Hmm. How dare he? HA's response is entirely justifiable:
Ignorant? Does he mean the public, who put up the money? Or farmers who are told it’s fine to throw open their gates to groups of random, nameless artefact gatherers? Or us, who’ve been studying the subject since before many of his Finds Liaison Officer left primary school? Or Prof David Gill who has asked in vain for PAS’s view of how much non-reporting is acceptable? Or EBay, which is full of metal detecting finds almost all devoid of a PAS reference showing they’ve been reported? Or the National Museum of Ireland and all the archaeologists in that country who consistently refuse to have anything to do with Britain’s approach?

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