Sunday 15 July 2018

UK Metal Detecting: The Blogs

With some 27000 of them in England and Wales alone, according to Sam Hardy, it is interesting to note how few metal detector using artefact hunters ('passionately interested in history') are actually blogging about that passion. Seeing as their discussions on forums demonstrate that few of them can  cope with texts longer than seven sentences anyway, perhaps that is not surprising. If anyone would like me to add any they know of, please comment.

Addicted to Bleeps (discontinued?) Kris Rodgers
Andy's treasure hunting cafe and metal detecting blog Andy Baines
Aurelia's Metal Detecting, One Woman and her Deus
Detecting and Collecting John Howland
Digging History/Detecting Blackpool (Discontinued)
Janner53`s Metal Detecting Blog (invited readers only)
John Brassey Notes from Retirement
John Winter John Winter
The Daily Detectorist (discontinued)
The Detectorist Metal Detector Reviews Site
The Ogley Dirt Farmer wozelbeak, 


VintageHunter said... - cool naming, but it seems abandoned..
Add my please!

Paul Barford said...

It says at the top that these are UK blogs. The one to which you link (a) does not look like it's a real detectorist's blog, and (b) though the 'about me' page is singularly uncommunicative, the content suggests this is a US blog. If you run it, why not make your own list of US metal detecting blogs and get some content going?

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