Saturday 15 September 2018

Detectival UK Rally 2018

A huge number of exploitative pockets descend
on the archaeological record 'somewhere in England'
Detectival UK Rally 2018
Up to 1000 acres of land, 400 acres brand new and undetected The site we will be searching for Detectival 2018 is located close to the Medieval Market towns of Burford and Charlbury on the Edge of the beautiful and historic Cotswolds. The Metal Detecting days will Saturday 15th and Sunday 16th September 2018. With support and sponsorship for Detectival 2018 from many of the main businesses from the world of metal detecting, we aim to bring you the ultimate Metal Detecting Rally and the best and most memorable Metal Detecting event of 2018.
You have to book first to 'Discover more about the area we are searching and the local history', so really responsible detectorists who, on reading it, decide this is not the sort of place best practice suggests should be the subject of exploitation in a commercial artefact grabfest. The PAS will be there as well, lending this ripping up of the past a false air of legitimacy. Shame on them.

Published on You Tube by Metal Detectives Group 10 sty 2018

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What are the real-world archaeological effects and 'benefits' from the kind of 'survey' we see in thse videos?

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