Sunday 30 September 2018

Frankly Discussing Bad Artefact Hunting Practice

The discussion of the Bellingham Hoard fiasco goes on. On the RESCUE Facebook page, Daniel Spencer responds to Paul Barford Can I add... In light of what we saw in the original video The Searcher Magazine will not be publishing any report relating to this hoard. I must admit, I find that an odd attitude. Why would that be? Because your magazine aims to present a 'targeted' picture of the hobby which makes it look better than it actually is ? Because you' be wary of criticising fellow hobbyists for the way they do things? Would it not serve the case to publish an account and screenshots and get (say PAS FLO) to comment on it in detail and why what it shows is a million miles from the 'best practice' truly 'responsible detectorists' can strive for? What purpose is served by keeping cases of bad practice under wraps? I think some of your readers who'd see nothing wrong with digging like that would find a proper critical coverage a learning experience. And that would do a lot to improve the hobby (and its image).

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