Tuesday 25 September 2018

Found Treasure? "FLO Will Help You Out Properly"

Discussing further the discovery of a coin hoard in his "Scotty's Bellingham Dig" Scotty Bea   assures finders who did not hand them over on discovery that:
All coins reported will get giving back if you give Andrew aget (sic) a message he will help you out properly
That only shows the depth of knowledge of the 'organizer' of this shambles of the Treasure Process, and also the role of the FLO (whose name is Andrew Agate).  I wonder who will explain them to him.

UPDATE 25 Sept 2018

Scotty still has not worked it out:
Just an update on Hord there was 18 Bronze and 18 silver that’s not including the ones people have found that’s came off the hord and bean scatterd by the plaw all recorded and all paper traceable amazing experience for me and have picked up some good information ect amazing by all and probably the only experience all ever get hahahah
Amazing, all recorded, eh? Can somebody explain to the guy the difference between the Treasure Act and PAS. Preferably the PAS itself. That's what the FLOs are paid for. As I said, it is just plain irresponsible of these people to start something like dismembering an archaeological site without actually finding out what they are supposed to be doing, and are obliged by law to do.

Although currently in hospital, Andrew Agate is holding the fort of enlightenment against the dark forces of arrant ignorance and explaining it to them. Personally, I think it is an utter disgrace that with 35 fellows on the PAS staff list, he has to crawl out of a hospital bed, with nobody to stand in for him in this task today (though the guy from the NCMD did have a go [but HIS post telling group members what the law is was deleted!]) 
[...]  I know this hoard exists and can't 'unkow' it. [...] 

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