Thursday, 13 August 2020

Heritage Action: 'German eBay protects Germany but Damages Britain'


Heritage Action: 'German eBay protects Germany but damages Britain! (HJ 08/08/2020). Twelve years ago, HA wrote about German eBay's new regulations on the sale of archaeological artefacts that stipulate that anything sold must be accompanied by proper documentation showing the seller’s title and proof that it has been properly reported:
As a result, there are now zero Metalldetektionsfunde (metal detecting finds) directly offered on German eBay. Providing “proper documentation” has turned out to be too difficult, it seems. However, you CAN buy thousands of finds via eBay. They are the ones designated as from international sellers, people who aren’t obliged to provide proper documentation. They’re nearly all based in Großbritannien! . . [2291 Articles found by international eBay sellers] . Makes you proud to be British, does it? Maybe those considering post-PAS options should take note.

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