Sunday 9 August 2020

The NCMD and Institute of Detectorists : Responsible Metal Detecting a "Potential Threat"?

There is a post on a metal detecting forum near you that encapsulates the whole problem with metal detecting in the UK. It is about the proposal to set up an Institute of Detectorists (IoD) that aims to

"provide training in archaeological principles for detectorists who wish to assist archaeologists on digs and surveys. The proposed Institute is intended to become a new national body for detectorists whose interests are focused around heritage and conservation. It claims that it will build bridges between archaeologists and detectorists and further the use of metal detectors on archaeological projects – promoting best practice based on archaeological principles and values to responsible detectorists. It is intended to develop and promote standards and guidance on the use of metal detectors in an archaeological context, creating a national educational programme for all detectorists to encourage them to adopt best practice in responsible detecting for public benefit".
Geriatric isolationists

And the response of the National Council for Metal Detectorists (Post by The NCMD » Fri Aug 07, 2020 11:37 am)?

Many readers will already be aware of an initiative by Keith Westcott to form an Institute of Detectorists (I o D) which is being seen by some detectorists as a possible rival organisation to the NCMD and a potential threat. [...] The problem is that it is still too early to make a proper assessment on its potential impact on hobby detecting because the current position is that the detailed aims and objectives of the proposed Institute are still somewhat ambiguous. This therefore raises many questions which is why the NCMD has decided to decline an invitation meantime to join an Advisory Group within the I o D. More details are awaited including clarification of the role that the NCMD might be expected to play if it was to participate in the I o D Advisory Group and we are therefore keeping a close watching brief on the situation.
Ha ha. The idea of an organisation joining the Advisory Group is to advise. The NCMD could not advise itself out of a paper bag. 

In what way is promoting "responsible metal detecting" perceived as a "potential threat" to the way the NCMD and the EMD metal detecting forum and its members want to see the hobby being done? 

The NCMD is not going to take part in  an advisory board the aims and objectives of the proposed Institute because the NCMD does not know what the aims and objectives of the proposed Institute are, because they have not yet been collectively determined.

Basically the NCMD is an organisation has always given me the impression of being run by cantankerous geriatric halfwits incapable of logical thought. Basically there has seldom been any initiative since it was set up that its inborn paranoia and suspicions do not cause it to reject participation in. Also of course just sitting outside muttering as others discuss the hobby they claim to represent is much easier. 

If metal detecting in the UK continues to allow these passive-aggressive charlatans to claim to be its representative, then it deserves all the marginalisation that it's going to get in post-Brexit and post-Covid realities of Britain in the 2020s. 


Mineshaft said...

I don’t expect this to be posted in your blog as I fear the comments you have made regarding the NCMD are neither helpful or accurate.
I can’t see how your somewhat aggressive opinions are going to help in this delicate matter or is your objective to stir shit and make matters worse?
I note that there have been no comments,so either you have binned them or others have treated your blog with the contempt that it deserves.
Tom Gillam.

Paul Barford said...

Well, Mr Gillam, the comments I make about this sad shower of your pals (NCMD) accurately reflect my perception of them, after pretty consistent observation and assessment of their activities (and inactivities) for about the last twenty years, and sporadically before that.

I consider that the NCMD is a toxic and damaging organisation in its present form (which is self-evidently a hangover from the 1980s) and the sooner it is scrapped, the better for all of us. I suspect I am by no means alone in that - and that is not because the NCMD in any way "supports" metal detectorists - because it does them and the image of the hobby no good at all.

So, I do not know what's "delicate" about that. Kick them out!

FYI, there were no other comments of metal detectorists supporting "their" NCMD. Whether that marks tekkie "contempt" for my blog or the NCMD, IO could not say. And frankly I do not care; I do not write this blog to gain the attention, or support of artefact hunters. Its a blog about them, not for them.

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