Thursday 13 August 2020

UK' National Council for Metal Detecting Abandons Forum Members

Metal detectorists, always running away

On a popular metal detecting forum near you, the NCMD has once again demonstrated its total incompetence and unpreparedness (post by mrix » Wed Aug 12, 2020 6:45 pm):
N.C.M.D Notice 
The NCMD have decided that they no longer wish to have a dedicated forum on MDF. This is primarily because they currently do not have sufficient staff available to respond directly to the questions from the MDF membership. The MDF has always tried to make it clear that responses to our membership are the views of NCMD and not necessarily those of the MDF. This has, sometimes in the past, caused problems for the MDF and therefore this move by the NCMD is welcomed.
Hopefully, when the NCMD have sufficient staffing this situation may change, but in the meantime we would suggest that our members contact the NCMD directly with any queries. Our members are, of course, welcome to discuss any issues regarding their NCMD membership in the 'General Chat' forum, as was previously the case.
Regards MDF Team

Does this mean that an organisation set up to communicate between the hobbyists and the rest of us and act as spokesmen no longer has any kind of a communications team? That's pretty pathetic.

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Brian Mattick said...

I think the day it refused to sign up to report all reportable finds it made an enormous tactical error as it was left representing only the rough end of detecting and as such won't be listened to by Government.

Imagine trying to contribute to any discussion starting from a position that you're not willing to be responsible!

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