Thursday 6 August 2020

UK Metal Detecting Rally breaks Covid Regulations

A reader: "A metal detecting event by Pink Wellies is to be held on land at CB11 4XB Littlebury Green this Sunday 9th Aug 2020 8:00.  I am concerned that 200 people booked breaks the Covid19 Regs. Also, no toilet facilities are being provided. The event is run by Klaine Morris more details can be found on their Facebook group". Interesting to look at the Pink Wellies set-up

Pink Wellies Detecting is a new group that my partner and I have started. Our aim is to provide good quality ground in East Anglia for responsible detectorists.
We hope that by ensuring that our members are respectful of the land and the landowners, the poor perception of detectorists can be changed, encouraging more Farmers to give permissions.
All members of our digs must have NCMD membership, be prepared to fill their holes and to abide by the group rules and the Treasure Act Regulations.
[...] All finds subject to the Treasure Act and must be reported to the local FLO officer with grid references. Any finds with a value of over £500 must be shared 50:50 with the landowner/farmer.  If, by any miracle, you find a hoard you must immediately contact me or my partner Klaine. We will secure and document the hoard and ensure that it is accurately reported. We will set up an exclusion area around you and allow you alone to detect within the area on your own for two hours.



Brian Mattick said...

"Any finds with a value of over £500 must be shared 50:50 with the landowner/farmer"

As valued by?

John Hurrell said...

That isn't the only issue with that group ...

Paul Barford said...

Oh, I know, wrote about them before...

I seem to recall some subsequent not very nice "correspondence" with the organiser.

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