Wednesday 5 August 2020

"Welcome to Detroit Institute of Arts Museum", Well, not you.

Secretive Detroit (1910 postcard)

Here's a new one for me, doing an image search for pre-columbian stuff for something I am writing, clicked on an image of a footed bowl to pull up the webpage... and the Detroit Institute of Arts Museum (director Salvador Salort-Pons) seems to know my ISP number...

Where did they get that?

Golly, it's good that this is not one of the premier museums in the USA , one that we should be taking seriously. Not the sort of thing however one would expect even from the lowliest provincial museum because you (are one of several people that) have written critically of some aspects of their accession and deaccession practices in the past.

Transparency, eh? Blocking access to the information about cultural property you have stashed away? Room for improvement, I'd say.


David Knell said...

Don't take it personally. It may be because many hackers are notoriously based in Eastern Europe and the museum's over-cautious webmaster has simply denied access to any user whose IP is in that region. ;)

Paul Barford said...

That would be exposing some nasty US prejudices about eastern Europe, where there are probably many art lovers - and hackers can be everywhere. Maybe they need to strengthen their software rather than block viewers.

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