Friday 6 August 2021

Amateur-driven, Object-centred "Best Practice" in British Archaeology Today



We Dig Heritage @WDHUK1 6 g.
W odpowiedzi do @Hillfortian @archaeologyuk i @ChilternsAONB
Great to see this partnership between a Responsible Dectorists and Archaeology leading to a correctly excavated find. Congratulations to all and great example of best prastice
and all done professionally for free. Way to go... Let's just leave it to the amateurs to dictate how and when to dig up the archaeological record - but refuse to fund any of the work. And while that all-important (for some) "find" has been dug out, what about its actual context? Not only within a particular below-plough-level (or in-pasture) deposit, but within its site context? How extensively and reliably that was investigated, analysed and reported can't be judged as part of the public debate, because it's in the form of a grey literature report.

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