Wednesday 25 August 2021

Times are Changing. With Antiquities it Used to be Caveat Emptor, Now Maybe it's Time for 'Caveat Vendor'

In most market countries the laws are such that sellers can sell looted stuff with impunity, and the best hopes for making them pay more attention to market hygiene is to do them for selling the fakes as genuine items, if you can prove they know they are fakes, then they can be done for fraud. In New York: 'He Sold Antiquities for Decades, Many of Them Fake, Investigators Say' New York Times 28.08.2021).
The owner of a Manhattan gallery was charged with grand larceny and other crimes by prosecutors who say he mass-produced objects that he passed off as ancient artifacts.
It's a mystery to all of us who that could be. You'll have to read the article and examine the pictures. If he goes out of business those catalogues will become real collectors' items.
Hat tip, David Knell

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