Sunday 1 August 2021

British Are-cheology for Orl: A Spot of Grave-Robbing Before Teatime

Another of the "successes" of British archaeology's public outreach and encouragement of "citizen Are-cheology", UK metal detector users openly discussing how to trash another site.

Dave Hutchings, there's a blast from the past - and Mr Evans-Hart again. Treasure Hunting tragedy in real time. 

Sean Scargill is here in a fluff-article: 'Harlaxton detectorist finds hundreds of gold and silver Iron Age coins' Grantham Journal, 08 September 2017  and here in "Coin World" and here in Minelab promotional material ('the Riseholm hoard")
The Riseholme Hoard totals 282 late Iron Age coins[...] They were impressively located by a Minelab CTX 3030 Detector, with a 17” coil, about 12 inches deep on pastureland [...] I hit upon a reasonable sized flat stone and the pinpointer was now picking up a signal right beneath it. At this depth, the soil was becoming a fine sandy fill, which made freeing the stone relatively straightforward[...]
The finder seems to have dug the whole deposit out himself.

Stop Taking Our Past (and that is a Past that is not written "PASt"). PAS has been instrumental in creating this mess, PAS clearly is as much use in dealing with it as a wet paper bag.

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