Friday 20 August 2021

Harwich Museum Opens

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The Grand Opening of Harwich Museum Ltd (Anglia House, Main Road, Harwich), took place on Saturday 21st August 2021, at 12 noon, by TV presenter Tim Wonnacott. It's just 250 metres from my birthplace and 40 metres from my Mum's. The video shows huddles of irresponsible people none of whom is wearing masks (giving a hint why UK Covid infection figures are today 32000 compared with Poland's current 200 a day).

The Museum's curator is David Whittle of the Harwich Society  (Assistant Curator Steve Delves also of the local historical society), coin expert Chris Wren is the Museum librarian, and Jennifer Monks is Office Manager. The Museum's trustees (and at the same time company directors) are: David Whittle, Steve Delves, Jennifer Monks, Chris Wren, Aaron Hammond, Brett Hammond. “The town museum is well placed to explain the Harwich story and display town heritage assets to future generations" says the blurb by the Harwich Society, who were the group that had gathered some of the artefacts being displayed. According to its annual repots, at least some of the funding for this museum was put up by a well-known local  antiquities trader. 

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