Sunday 15 August 2021

Taliban Take Control

As Kabul passes into the control of the Taliban, the National Museum of Afghanistan in Kabul puts out an urgent warning appealing to all parties—including the Taliban—to ensure looters and smugglers do not target the institution's collection.

As major Afghan cities have passed into their control, the insurgents now oversee tens of thousands of artefacts and ancient sites. Andrew Lawler asks 'The Taliban destroyed Afghanistan's ancient treasures. Will history repeat itself?' (National Geographic, August 15th 2021).

Meanwhile, Donna Yates has an important reminder that I wholeheartedly endorse:
"I will inevitably be retweeting soon-to-be articles about threats to Afghanistan's cultural heritage. Don't interpret any of those retweets as me implying things are more important than people. They aren't. I urge folks writing those articles to remember that".

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