Wednesday 4 August 2021

Online Conference on Ethics of Online Research into Trafficking of Cultural and Natural Resources

Online conference focused on the ethics, tools & theories of online research into the trafficking of cultural and natural resources  

The Art, Feathers & Crime project, based at the Scottish Centre for Crime and Justice Research (University of Glasgow), in collaboration with the Durrell Institute of Conservation and Ecology (University of Kent), is excited to announce a forthcoming virtual conference that will cover the ethics and intricacies of conducting online research into illicit trade of cultural and natural resources, including the trafficking and illegal trade of wildlife, art and antiquities, jewellery, precious stones and minerals, timber, fossils, flora and fauna, etc. This conference is particularly timely amid the global pandemic, when the dimensions and impact of these illicit economies has increased online. We are interested in the digital locations of crime convergence relating to the trafficking networks of cultural and natural resources and the ethics around investigating, mapping and monitoring these. With this conference, we hope to move the discussion around the trade and trafficking of cultural and natural resources towards a common understanding of the ethical foundations of interdisciplinary research into this topic. Ultimately, this conference will serve as a platform for knowledge exchange on sensitive, ethical and legal ways to investigate illicit trades on challenging mediums.

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