Thursday 9 June 2022

Syria Idlib Enclave Today


This is the current situation in the Idlib enclave today (map from

This enclave contains a number of ancient sites, tells and the suchlike. In discussions of looting, it is worth noting that sites that have formerly been discussed in this context are now outside this zone and in government (Asad regime) hands. These include Apamea  and Tel Jifar (since May 2019), Tel Mardikh (Ebla) . Within the area are a number of sites, mostly tells as well as two groups of the UNESCO 'Dead Cities' (Roman and Byzantine). The latter seem not to have traces of recent looting (many of them are today ruins standing on heavily-eroded bedrock). Some of the tells are planted up with trees or built on. Several however have been affected by recent military activity. On two sites was some quite extensive looting about 2014.

(To be continued).

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