Sunday, 11 March 2012

Another One

One of the artefact collectors' "justifications" is that archaeology is not really a discipline anyone can take very seriously (therefore "why protect the evidence which it and future generations of scholars will use to do it?"). We recently saw a coin-dealing Philistine Physicist saying it was "not a science" so therefore worthless. Now we have another one, Bournemouth PAS/CBA-hating metal detectorist John Howland has the same approach ('An Arkie whines', March 6th 2012):
"Archaeology is not science….it’s guesswork, and they often get it wrong. Remember Piltdown Man, the Hitler Diaries…."
This blogger hates archaeologists so much, yet it turns out he has only a foggy idea what it actually is. Archaeologists, they dig up dinosaurs don't they?

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