Saturday, 17 March 2012

Focus on Metal Detecting: Bitter and Stout (2)

Texas detectorist Dick Stout persists in not understanding what this blog is about. He challenges his readers "see if you are able to find one post where Mr. Barford does not refer to us as something less than honest". Us? Who is "us"? Is "us" the responsible detectorist that follows the Code of Practice for Responsible Detecting in England and Wales and work with archaeology applying best practice to what they do? Or is "us" those who do not? Why on a blog talking about flaws in the current policies which the author thinks need fixing would one expect to find "positive" comments about irresponsible artefact hunting and collecting? Gentle reader, if that is what you have come here for, you will look in vain, I suggest you go over to one of the several dozen English-language metal detecting forums or the PAS website, lots of positive vibes about all manner of deeds with metal detectors over there. Off you go.

Mr Stout over in America says:
I have come to the conclusion that trying to work with the archaeological community is not worth the effort and a total waste of time.
Then he joins the hundreds of other metal detectorists who find it too much effort, but benefit from the fact that others do, thus legitimising the hobby as a whole. It is a shame that not all can do their bit to earn the current status of "partners" that certain factions in the archaeological community afford them. I hope the latter take a good hard look at Mr Stout's blog. They might like also to take a look at some of the comments of John Howland hosted on the same blog. There it is about archaeology and archaeologists that one will search in vain for terms like: "positive, harmonious, sociable, fun, partnership, compromise, joint-effort, etc.".
Vignette: Dick Stout dismisses my comments on artefact collecting as due solely to my being a bitter man.


Jee said...

He doesn't get it. Not working with the archaeological community actually means flouting the rights of the WHOLE community. No escape, no excuse. And he thinks it's "not worth the effort"

Paul Barford said...

Well, I think there are many around these days who expect something for nothing, and call it their "rights".

This applies to dugup coin sellers and dugup coin buyers and artefact hunters who think its "not worth the effort" to work with archaeologists (but spare no effort to work against them).

And then they wonder why somebody observing the whole sorry spectacle finds it difficult to see anything "positive" in any of it.

Jee said...

He doesn't just want positivity, he wants to see other words like "harmonious, socialable, fun, partnership, compromise, joint-effort,etc"

Yet he pockets the stuff for himself!
What a complete prat! If you do something anti-social for long enough you must grow yourself a morality bypass.

Paul Barford said...

well, it is difficult to fathom what kind of a "joint effort" and "partnership" somebody who says that working with archaeologists seems like "too much effort" has in mind. Maybe it will be explained later on his blog.

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