Monday, 19 March 2012

Thomas Albert for ACCG Director General

Tom Albert certainly gets my vote as the new executive director of the ACCG, he has this conspiracy theory stuff sussed. Go, boy, go!

I have a different gubn'mint conspiracy theory, if coin collectors with their "free thought" pose such a threat to the New World Order and its plans to dominate the world through manipulation of History as Albert claims, we might ask what fresh dugup coins are soaked in before they come on the market? It's obviously a pretty potent mind-rot agent. By pretending to "restrict access" to fresh dugups (through import controls) the Illuminati are obviously fostering demand precisely in the dangerous non-conformist groups like coineys which they wish to target. Ancient coins impregnated with mind-control drugs that work through skin contact. Don't fondle the coins !

Vignette: Money never lies: the Illuminati dollar.

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